Photographers banned from Goa Beaches

If you have been to a Goa beach, you must have noticed the “freelance” photographers loitering on the beach, taking photographs of the tourists and locals and then trying to sell them back at Rs 50 to Rs 100 per photograph. Thankfully, these photographers have now been banned by the Goa Tourism Department from disturbingContinue reading “Photographers banned from Goa Beaches”

Goa churches to preserve historical artefacts

Slowly but surely, Goa is waking up to its rich Portuguese cultural heritage. After years of lying in various Churches across Goa, Portuguese era artefacts will now be given a new lease of life by Archdiocese of Goa, which is even thinking of creating ‘museums in each of the churches’. Goa’s Catholic Church has decided that the Christian heritage artefactsContinue reading “Goa churches to preserve historical artefacts”

Ethical tourism important in Goa: Catholic Church

The tourism industry has received some advice from a most unlikely quarter – Goa’s Catholic Church! With over 25 percent of the state’s population being Roman Catholic, the Catholic Church has a significant sway in Goa, which also attracts over 2.6 million tourists annually. But until now, it has remained silent on important economical issuesContinue reading “Ethical tourism important in Goa: Catholic Church”

Goa to get 35 lakh tourists this year, says minister

There is good news for Goa’s tourism industry. Tourist numbers in Goa are expected to swell to 35 lakh during the forthcoming season, state Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said Wednesday. The increase in tourist numbers is mainly due to the domestic tourists who have been visiting Goa.  Annually, Goa attracts 22 lakh domestic visitors toContinue reading “Goa to get 35 lakh tourists this year, says minister”

Visa On Arrival in Goa hopeful

There seems to be good news and bad news for the tourism industry in Goa.  The good news is that the Indian government has decided to to ease restrictions on tourist visas that made a two-month gap between consecutive visits by foreign nationals to India mandatory. But while this is a step in the right direction,Continue reading “Visa On Arrival in Goa hopeful”