Hike in Goa Monsoon Tourism

Photo Credit: http://www.parrikar.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/chorlaghat.jpg The jury still seems to be out on whether a Goa Monsoon Holiday is a good idea or not.  But as Goa Tourism Department statistics show, Goa registered a 6.5% growth in monsoon tourism from June 2012 to September 2012 as compared to the same period last year. While Goa welcomed 3.8 lakhContinue reading “Hike in Goa Monsoon Tourism”

When to go and where to stay in Goa ?

This week, Angela asked the following question: When to go and where to stay in Goa? When to go to Goa is a real tough choice. People I speak to have different opinions and each person seems to love Goa in a particular season. Basically, when to go to Goa can be divided into 3 differentContinue reading “When to go and where to stay in Goa ?”

The Monsoon in Goa

  There is something quite majestic about the monsoon in Goa as is batters down in fury on the dry earth. Im sitting in my upstairs Suite at my Mitaroy Goa Hotel and as I type this, I can hear the rain thundering down on the tiled roof above me. Whenever I stay at myContinue reading “The Monsoon in Goa”

Goa Monsoon – Romance in the Rains

Finally, its that time of the year. Whether you prefer to take long walks in the pouring rain or cuddle up cozily in your spacious Suite and watch the rain beat incessantly against your windows, Goa in the monsoons is the perfect place for romance. Goa is a great place to visit in all seasonsContinue reading “Goa Monsoon – Romance in the Rains”