What does the name Mitaroy mean ?

Legend has it that there was a rich Indian businessman during the time of the British Colonial Raj. Thanks to his dealings first with the East India Company and then with the British Government, he had amassed a great amount of wealth. But more precious to him was his only daughter Madhumita (or “Mita” forContinue reading “What does the name Mitaroy mean ?”

Break your fast the Mitaroy Way

We have all heard it said-breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper but in practice it is impossible to do so.We barely have time to gulp down that scalding cuppa-coffee/tea as we rush to catch our transport to school/college/work.Nowadays with Coffee Day, Starbucks and others opening outlets at entrances ofContinue reading “Break your fast the Mitaroy Way”

A panoramic view of Goa through Murals

The festive colorful state of Goa is filled with people of different cultures and religions.These cultures are vividly depicted in the various murals seen on the walls of hotels,guest houses and public spaces like railway stations.They have managed to bring forth the Catholic and Hindu spirit of the state while effectively depicting its varied peoples.TheseContinue reading “A panoramic view of Goa through Murals”

Photographers banned from Goa Beaches

If you have been to a Goa beach, you must have noticed the “freelance” photographers loitering on the beach, taking photographs of the tourists and locals and then trying to sell them back at Rs 50 to Rs 100 per photograph. Thankfully, these photographers have now been banned by the Goa Tourism Department from disturbingContinue reading “Photographers banned from Goa Beaches”

5 night Goa Honeymoon Package

5 nights Accommodation in our special Honeymoon Suite Complimentary Champagne Breakfast Complimentary Bottle of hand pressed Goan Wine Complimentary Tickets to a Romantic Movie Complimentary Romantic Boat Ride Complimentary Honeymoon Surprise on Arrival Complimentary Late Check Out till 5 pm, subject to availability Complimentary selection of daily Goan Newspapers Complimentary bottled Mineral Water throughout yourContinue reading “5 night Goa Honeymoon Package”